The recent sharing of a couple posts on the front page about how texting and phone use while driving is not risky made me curious if any peer reviewed work had been done on this subject.

While I remain skeptical of the validity of the NHTSA data, I do see room for the data-based defense of the argument that hand held device use is not tied to an increase in crashes. Even though common sense and my own anecdotal data collection disagrees.

Here is an article I found on the IIHS site that calls into question the results of the largest studies on hand held device use and crashes.…

I work in the research world and understand how difficult it is to perform a study like this. The fact that it is difficult to find a definitive study showing elevated risk is very interesting.

Note, I am very aware of the Mythbusters style studies showing people fumbling with their phone while driving clumsily through an autocross course. I'm curious to see real world crash incident data tied to hand held device use.