I’m trying to quantify the impact of buying a new car with a warranty, versus buying a used car and keeping it on the road for the same amount of time. I want to understand both the environmental and human costs of each. C3 with a green interior for your time:


I’m working on a bigger post about the debate between buying new or used, but I’d like to make sure I research it pretty deeply.

Do any manufacturers publish supply chain information that would be relevant to such a question? I’m looking at quantifying the following for new cars:

  • Environmental impact of different stages of the supply chain for assembling & selling a new car
  • Human impact of the above (Where are the parts/materials assembled/sourced, and are good labor practices used?)
  • Environmental impact of driving an average new car for the full warranty period

Any feedback would be appreciated. I’m hoping to find some primary sources, and if anyone can find it, Oppo can :D

Link to the Corvette if you want to see more potential project cars...

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