Maybe you spent alot of time writing an article and it isn't getting picked up on like you think it should. I get it, I have been there, but there are some rules about putting it back on the Oppo front page maybe some people are not aware of. So, please read through before top posting your content again. I have seen it often and alot this past week

  • Please do not share any post more than once after its original publication, with the following exceptions:
  1. If you shared your post, and due to Kinja issues, it was not seen as it was meant to be presented, in these cases, preface your reshare with an explanation. We understand that kinja works in mysterious ways (and Nibbles is still with us, somewhere).
  2. If there is a theme day and after a time less than four hours your post is more than 6 pages back.
  3. For posts which are recurring and benefit the community as a whole (such as posts from moderators discussing the community, like this one) or benefiting a subgroup of the community in organizing an event (meetups, for instance) then slightly more periodic resharing may be appropriate. However when in doubt about this, please ask before sharing.
  4. If more than one week has passed from the date of the original share, and the topic is still highly relevant and would, in your eyes, benefit the community, you may re-share a topic once again.