MBFS has been paid and life is back to normal! This has been quite a bit of a learning experience.


Lessons learned (in order of impact on my life):

1. If helping someone who is drowning will drown you, don’t do it (this has been a lesson that I keep learning that doesn’t seem to stick well).

2. Be more proactive when dealing with situations that can greatly and negatively impact my life.

3. Keep receipts for EVERYTHING even of minor importance. You never know when things will go wrong.


4. Don’t use your safety net to help the person in #1. Because while it may not drown you at that time, you never know when you may run into an issue and surprise, you gave your safety net away!

As a present to myself and the car, I will renew the long expired registration on the 453 and daily it when Spring comes around. I love the silly car more than anything else in my growing stable.


I also have some Gambler 500 news later on today, but I need to get some more information first.


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