I was lucky enough to find a prime parking spot this weekend. I’m always nervous about parking in busy parking lots since nobody around here gives a damn about leaving a door ding on the car they parked next to. So when I spotted an empty spot next to this RAM R/T, I knew I would be in good hands.

I was watching when he left. He opened the door for his wife and put his hand between the door and my car so the two wouldn’t touch. I couldn’t help myself, I had to go talk to him.

I thanked him for being so courteous. He said having respect for other people includes respecting the things they own and treasure. The conversation turned to his truck. It turns out he bought it the day before. I asked him how he liked it. The grin on his face went from ear to ear.

You might ask why my car is crowding his truck a bit. The car parked on the other side was on the line when I arrived and I split the difference. Oh, and when that family left, there was no respect for my car. I’m just glad I parked out of reach of their doors. The Highlander that replaced it gave me a lot more room.