It's hard in times like these to see the big picture beyond the initial shock, but it's our duty as enthusiasts to look at this crash and realize what the dangers are behind our passion.

The cars we strive to attain, that many of you already have, are dangerous. They are not to be underestimated, and they must be respected. We need to look at this crash and realize that two experienced and successful drivers died in a seemingly innocent situation at the hands of a vehicle they (or at least one of them) were fairly familiar with. Once you get into that level of performance however, the level of respect a car deserves rises to an entirely new level. While we don't know the ultimate cause of the accident yet, the point remains. With these cars we need to be constantly aware of what we are in control of.

By no means does this mean we shouldn't enjoy these cars though, I'd argue the opposite. Go have fun, have the time of your life and take every chance you get to chase your dreams, but always be aware of the dangers and be conscious of the potential of the cars you're driving.

Stay safe Opponauts. I'll be huddled in for the weekend with finals to study for and a FF marathon to work myself through.