Rest in Peace, Brut

I had to put my best bud, Brutus, to sleep this morning. My wife, then girlfriend, adopted him about thirteen years ago when we first moved in together. His mom was stray red nosed pit that had a litter of puppies in the front yard of a lady in east Tucson. That lady was an angel, and took care of the pups until the local shelters found homes for them. He was about six months old when we got him.


He was terrified of everything. I had to carry him around outside for a week or so before he was comfortable enough to go on walks. He ended up becoming a great trail dog. Great at staying on trail, listening to commands and never chasing animals. Once my wife and I had kids he immediately transformed into nanny dog. Him and his sister, Lola, would follow the kids from room to room, and would get very protective of my girls if I wasn’t home

Over the last few weeks his health has been getting progressively worse. He’d have good days, then bad. He lost his sight the other week which hit him hard. I had to carry him around, and if I wasn’t in the room with him he’d get nervous. He was still eating and smiling up until last night. He began to decline rapidly and I knew it was time. I’m a fucking wreck and am gonna miss this guy a lot. Been using Oppo to try and take my mind of it a bit.


Rest in peace, Brutus. You were a very good boy.

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