Results pending

Some of you probably saw my post last week, looking for infusion suggestions. I made 7 (6 new to me) and posted them up. Well, a week later here they are.

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Top Row- Raspberry, Banana, Anjou Pear
Bottom Row - Granny Smith Apple, Navel Orange, Kiwi, Pomegranate


Raspberry - Old favorite, should be as good as always
Banana - Looks like ass, may end up tasting alright
Anjou Pear - Flavor will probably be a bit weak
Apple - Could be okay, could be terrible (apple-flavored alcohol seems to be kinda hit or miss)
Orange - Looks awesome, flavor should be great
Kiwi - I've tried kiwi before, but only mixed with strawberry, so it'll be nice to see it by itself
Pomegranate - Probably the one I'm most excited to try. Will probably be added to the regular rotation if it comes out right

Results Pending cause my friends aren't here yet. Alcohol always go better with friends.( plus it means i can make someone else try the banana first :P )
I will either update this post later or (more likely) make a new one sometime sunday

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