Does anyone know if it is true that retailers, large and small, get tax subsidies for sitting on unsold inventory?

I am bringing this u because this car has been for sale at the Nashville BMW dealer for almost a year:…

If true this is why the seller should not be able to dictate a price for an object. And that burden of pricing be placed up on the active buyer market environment. Namely, that buyer dictates what he/she/LGBTWTFBBQ is willing to pay. If the seller declines to honor this offer, fine, but he/she/lgbtwtfbbq should not be able to sit on the inventory and be paid via tax dividends in order to stay in business. Bill Nye speculating and 2015 Monaco GP gifs for your time. *hopefully I do not break Kinja


Alonso punting Hulk off at Mirabeau

Young Max Verstappen’s seriously scary crash at Sainte Devote


And an extremely displeased Hamilton pulling into parc ferme. ( I wish I had this one with the sound of him obviously smacking into the P3 sign)