Over 5 years ago I bought a Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. Tonight, I activated its replacement. It has been a good 5-and-some-change years. Unfortunately, with such age on a phone, things get slow, flaky, and stop working all together. The replacement is a relatively modern Samsung S5 I got from a coworker who was very fed up with my inability to view and send Snapchats.

Some fun facts about over 5 years with the same smartphone:

* When I bought it, it was top of the line and Verizon still did contract pricing (not this pay-MSRP-over-two-years thing). The $200 it cost me? I got it from almost-detailing a couple cars (no paint correction). See? This is car-related!

* I have never reset this phone. It has been going on the same ‘instance’ since new. I cleared the cache partition now and then, but never a factory reset, no root, etc.

* I bought an abnormally expensive Otterbox case when I got the phone and immediately put it in. Other than coming out about once a year to clean it, the phone has been in there since. The case is super worn and beat up - some bits are missing, the rubber is tearing, etc - but the phone inside looks brand new.


* I am not a ‘heavy user’ of my phone - its functions are: Text messages, phone calls, GPS, Checking the weather, Snapchat, fuel usage logging, and Torque Pro. That’s about it 99% of the time - which is possibly how I’ve been using the same phone for so long without issue.

* The last update Verizon pushed to the Droid Razr was ages ago - I’ve been on android 4.1.2 for years. I have no idea how to handle 6.0.1 on the S5.


So pour some data out tonight for the Droid Razr - I’ll miss it, it’s been a good 5 years. Once I’m sure I have everything off it, the SD card will move into the new phone, and it will go rest next to its predecessor - the original Motorola Droid, which I would seriously still be using if it was feasible (slide out keyboard, baby!)