Love it or hate it, the Bugatti Veyron is a technical masterpiece. While I certainly can’t afford one, I thought of a way to profit from its existence anyway.

Its complexity is unmatched in its day, and its performance was groundbreaking to be sure. It will always be desirable to the right people, and to those people, a 5-figure repair bill will be like a 3-digit repair bill to most of us. As these things get older and parts harder to source, I have thought of a brilliant plan to profit from this situation. Now, don’t go and steal my idea, kids.

Here’s the plan:

1. Become a highly-specialized Bugatti Veyron technician.

2. Horde all the crashed Veyrons from around the world in a warehouse somewhere. They can’t all have been driven into lakes, right? And anyway, that one probably has lots of good mechanical parts. Strip them down and catalogue all the good stuff.



*Side benefit: If you had a warehouse full of broken Veyrons, you could strip one down and swap in something like a carbureted Ford 351, points & condenser, conventional everything - just because - and drive it everywhere.