You know, the LeMons winter rally. Ike and the untitled car show’s going. Roadkill’s going. Anyone else? Not this guy unfortunately, at least not without someone else’s help.

If anyone else wants to join in the “I want to go but can’t make it work by myself” party they’re more than welcome to post.

I had my partner bail on me a while back (and good riddance, I almost had to start my trip by driving 1000 miles in the wrong direction just to go get her, although no hard feelings, it wasn’t her fault) but I’ve been unable to find another co-driver. So I’m kinda looking for either another person to buy into my trip or I guess some other person who has a trip I can buy into.

My plan was to drive my 1996 Lada Niva down, although the engine currently isn’t attached. I just need to put it back in, and it should be good to go. The only reason it’s still out is because it’s been pretty cold recently (approaching -40 levels of cold) and I don’t have a heated space to work in, so without a rally to attend I haven’t had a huge amount of motivation to get it finished up. Bur failing that there’s the 523,000km Comanche that did the last rally unfortunately nearly flawlessly as backup. Both of them have excellent heaters and have no shits to give about cold weather or snow.

I don’t really live super close to a major airport, but although i’d prefer company for the entire drive down I’d be willing to stop and pick someone up somewhere along the trip down. Major centres I’d be passing through or at least near to on the “most direct” (read “most boring:) route would include Winnipeg, Fargo, Minneapolis, Madison, Chicago, Cleveland, and I suppose anywhere I missed between those points. Obviously the route isn’t fixed either.

But if anyone a little closer is also in a similar situation to me, I’m also willing to fly places. Is this what desperation sounds like? I’m not sure. Hit me up in the comments, er, replies, or shoot me an email, my handle at gmail if you’re serious.


For your time, have a picture of the MJ in warmer climes. The warmest of climes, one might say, Death Valley, along with a bitchin’ also-rallying Bel Air on the last/first Rally this summer that wasn’t taking the heat quite as well as the Jeep did.