Here it is! Finally after a long year the final cut for the 8-Bit Miata/Protector 101 - Vision music video was released this weekend at SynthTrax's first Arizona Synth Wave party with over 6 DJ from all over the states.

The party also featured a video gaming lounge that was showcasing a demo for the upcoming video game Drift Stage!

The game is a retro styled drifting game that features a lot of 80's sports cars from the Toyota AE86 to a Ferrari Testarrosa, and will feature a new surprise car on its final version.

Drift Stage will be available on many platforms.


Check out some of the DJs: Protector 101, Gost, Dance with the Dead and Future Holotape.

And here are some photos from the party.


Top: Future Holotape performing live with a mix of synthesizers and loops.

Left: Dance with the Dead duo act.


People wearing their 80s themed costumes dancing to the retro tunes under the black light

The Arcade Driver and Protector 101 on a DJ Tandem session.


Thanks for watching. Enjoy!