If I’m going ot keep this damned CRV I at least want it to be more comfortable. Does anyone know if it’s possible to swap in a different drivers seat, preferably one with lumbar support, heater and power controls? I have a couple of herniated discs and the factory seat in my ‘08 CRV LX is Satanic.

I wonder if something out of an Odyssey, Pilot, or Accord would fit? I’d swap in one from a CRV EX-L but from what I can tell they’re really no better than what I have now.

I also wonder if the wiring is plug and play with the stock fusebox? I know with my old Fit adding features form the Sport was as simple as plugging in modules to existing wiring.

Any Honda techs know?

I posed on the Odyssey forums but come on... glaciers move more quickly than a CRV enthusiasts forum!