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Return of the Oppo Car Show: GTA Online (Shared Event - Xbox One and other platforms)

Today, I picked up some fresh wheels in GTA Online and’s been a while since we’ve gotten some Oppos together for a car show in an online session.

Well, I’m gonna change that today. I’m holding an Oppo Car Show, open as of...right now!


In a little twist, this is gonna be a shared car show where Oppos who play GTA Online on other platforms than the Xbox One, where I’m hosting my show, I encourage Oppos on all versions of the game...PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and host their own event, get fellow Oppos and other friends to join, take pictures, make videos, share them here for everyone on Oppo to see.

We shouldn’t divide ourselves because we play the game on a different platform, we should unite because of it.


And if one Oppo’s show fills up, feel free to host your own. Host as many car shows at the same time as you want. Let’s keep it going all afternoon and into the night!

There’s also no restrictions to what car you can bring. Bring your finest lowriders, off-roaders, Cunning Stunts cars and bikes, armored vehicles, limousines, hearses, muscle cars, etc...

Everything from the most mundane Declasse Asea to the wicked fast Progen Tyrus, all the way to your classiest Willard Faction is welcome to participate.

We’re not even gonna restrict the location of the car shows. I’ll determine where mine will be held, but those who host their own get to choose their meetup spot. Spice things up a little.


Now, to the details of my own Oppo Car Show. The location will be over on Mirror Park Blvd. in Mirror Park, all the way from Mirror Park itself up to the LTD station at West Mirror Drive.

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The vehicle I will have there will by my newest addition, the Grotti Brioso R/A, which has been fully tuned at LSC, livery removed, and painted in a beautiful shade of Midnight Blue.

My session is also a public one, so if you find me at my gamertag, which is the same as my username, and simply join right in.


Once you get your own show started on your respective version of the game, feel free to promote it here, then feel free to start sharing your own Oppo Car Show pics and videos. And don’t forget to have fun, and try not to cause too much chaos... :D

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