So, I discovered a couple issues with the car and a couple quirks.

1. The odometer is the exact opposite of Chelsea’s (my 450 coupe). Whereas Chelsea counts in miles but measures outside temperature in Celsius, Laura counts in Kilometers and measures outside temperature in Fahrenheit.

2. The headlight switch is borked. The parking lamp selection doesn’t work, and when you choose low beams, only the parking lights come on. The only way to get the low beams to work is to activate the high beams, which will only turn on the low beams. Oh my. Thankfully the replacement part is cheap.

3. The convertible roof only opens to position 1 (open roof, full convertible is position 2). Looks like the tracks need lubing and that ought to fix that. The car has clearly been sitting for a long time and there is dust and dirt in places it should not be in. The car even threw a CEL because the petrol that was in it must have been older than time itself.


4. To make gray market smarts compliant, importers have to add bulky padding to the entire interior roofline. I hate the padding and have always wanted to rip it out of Chelsea. However I’ve been afraid that they were mounted in a way that couldn’t be reversed. As Laura reveals...Nope! Just adhesive!


I’ll also need to replace this clock. A solder is bad in it and it doesn’t work anymore.

Overall, her restoration should be pretty easy and cheap. Unlike Chelsea, I don’t need to chase down weird electrical gremlins.