Some personal BS below, two E-Types as buffer

I hate my job. I hate not getting compensated for the amount of work I perform and the amount of bullshit I have to put up with. I am tired of living like a child paycheck to paycheck. I think I will find a new job here, give my two weeks, get my shit in order, and maybe even go back to school at the same time to advance my education. I am just so tired of where I am in life and I know I need to change it to do anything about it and I think I am ready. I have been thinking about moving too, but there is one aspect of my life I like here and that is the person I am seeing. I should see if there is going to be more to this relationship, because if there isn’t then I guess there isn’t any reason to stay here either. Anyway, yup. Needed to vet and put this out there for myself.