Revelation: There's no such thing as a liquid-cooled engine

I was explaining to my son how the cooling system works on the EchoLOL, and the possible causes for its overheating problem. Since it only overheats when really beating on it at low speeds, I’ve narrowed it down to:

a) The hillbilly skid plate that I installed to protect the radiator is preventing air from getting to it


b) The radiator is plugged with dirt

c) The cooling fans are not kicking on.

And that’s when it dawned on me- all of these have to do with airflow. The engine is still ultimately cooled only by air. Without the flow of air across the engine itself, as well as the radiator, the liquid does absolutely nothing. The fans simply induce this airflow when the car is sitting still. I guess you could say the engine block is cooled by the liquid, but since that liquid is cooled by air, I maintain that the engine is air-cooled.


There is no such thing as a liquid-cooled engine.

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