So I made a comment about my neighbor’s ex wife and getting revenge.

Here’s the story:

I’m always good about talking with my neighbors before I bring home a donor car, so I went around and talked to everyone before bringing home a Lebaron convertible for a parts donor. Everyone said it was totally cool. Great!


I get the car and park it behind my garage for a couple days until I can get it in the garage. The day I’m going to pull it in the garage the town cop stops by, starts asking about the car. I tell him I’m just stripping it for parts then it’ll be gone, a week tops. He tells me a neighbor complained about it sitting there, nods his head in their direction, then gives me a 14 day removal notice.

So I strip the car that night, then shove it onto the giant snow pile facing the neighbor’s house. For the next 13.5 days it sits on that snow pile staring directly into her kitchen window. Meanwhile I made a game of starting my then open headered car around 11 pm every night (knowing she had to get up at 2 am for work), making just enough noise to ensure her bedroom light snapped on, then shutting it down and going to bed.

Of course she tried calling the cops on both these actions, but the cop told her I had X days to remove it and they cannot tell me where to park it. He also told her without proof I was doing the revving, they could not do anything.

So 13.5 days later, I had the car removed and almost had my car back together. I finished the car at 1 am the next morning, so it seemed the perfect time to take it for a rip, again watching her light snap on as I left the driveway. My other neighbor who had been helping noticed the cop drive by in the direction I went, so he called me and told me to make the loop. So I looped around, snuck back into the garage, shut the doors, and went to bed after disconnecting my distributor.


That morning, the cop is at my door, because she called again. He starts asking about last night. I told him it couldn’t have been me as I wasn’t able to get the car running last night, then take him to the garage to prove it. Crank and crank and crank, nothing. He says “well, probably plug that distributor in and it’ll fire”. I just look at him blankly, he says “Trust me, I know what’s going on here, good luck getting it running”, winks and walks back to his car.

A few days later, she moved out.

All the other neighbors were involved in what was going on, so they all were cool with what I was doing, NO ONE could stand her, I was just the first to actually stand up to her. I am generally very respectful of my neighbors, done wrenching before 9 every night, always asking/discussing before doing things that I think may bother someone.


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