The effectiveness of top end halo sportscars and flagship sedans in increasing brand perceptions is well documented, however what happens when you decide to change brand perceptions from the bottom of your lineup instead? Two models in particular come to mind: the Nissan Juke and the Kia Soul.

Where a flagship sedan or supercar can uplift the perceived quality of the luxury and sporting prowess of all your lower models, reverse halo cars can impact the youthfulness and value perceptions of the models above them. I personally think the reverse halo car is becoming a more important aspect of brand perception than high end sportscars and definitely flagship sedans.

So what do you think of this premise? The Jeep Renegade and Hyundai Veloster are other models I would say are on the edge of being reverse halo cars but not quite there yet. Competitors from other brands just seem to lack a certain something and I think it stems from available options and marketing dollars. Think Fiat 500, MINI Cooper Coupe, and smart fortwo which all start at the bottom of the brands offerings and yet have their DNA moved into everything above them.

These reverse halo cars are their own subbrands. Heck, the Range Rover Evoque is its own subbrand within the Range Rover subbrand of the Land Rover brand! And the funniest part to me, these Halos are the ones that annoy enthusiasts the most but have the biggest impact on how actual new buyers view the brands!


We are going to see A LOT of subbcompacts being transformed into full-fledge Reverse Halos, and most will be CUV-ified. *cough* Chevrolet Spark Activ *hack*


Remember to leave your jimmies in the drawer in order to avoid rustling. Hmmm, probably should have started with that...