Review: Discovery Mk1

One just like this (but not this actual one)

The eagle eyed will note the Marina door handles which appeared in quite a number of places.


Performance: The test vehicle was borrowed from a client of the office and had seen better days, probably a long time in the past. At some point all the performance had gone away and so there was no discernable acceleration. It felt as the turbo wasn’t turboing any more. Put your foot down and you felt a tiny amount of boost but then it all went away again .At any rate you could eventually get up to 70 mph, a speed which it would maintain surprisingly comfortably.

Handling: Like a big, slow, heavy thing. Everything is slow and ponderous.

Comfort: Quite good. Softly sprung but a bit like a ship at sea.

Ease of driving: Once you get used to the gearchange (none of this flicking the lever around, to go from second to third you have to heeeeave it right across the gate), easy enough. Being a diesel it’s not going to stall and starting on a steepish hill with no accelerator is simple. You’re high up so visibility is good. Not much crashworthiness so nice slim pillars.

Note the high/low range lever tucked away in front of the main one.

Toys: Not many. Power windows, some of which worked, were about your lot. It had wipers but sadly they only worked if you took them by surprise.


Overall: 4/10. Was probably better in its day.

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