Well, the first week of ownership of the '91 Celica I bought last Sunday has been a blast! Due to summertime rain and working 8 to 5, I haven't put the top down as much as I would have liked to, but that's ok. We've got a couple long holiday weekends rounding out July starting this weekend here in PR, so I suspect that will be remedied.

As a daily driver for my 30 mile round trip commute, it's been everything I'd hoped for - no problems, and light on gas. I put just over 150 miles, and used less than half of its little 15 gallon tank. Once I fill it up again, I'll start crunching the numbers to be a little more accurate, but it looks like I'm probably getting in the low to mid twenties - a number I'm cool with for the moment since I haven't had the opportunity to do a nice home-tune-up. That's tomorrow's job - along with changing the brake pads and bleeding out the lines with fresh fluid. Regardless, the first week's performance tells me that this is gonna be a strong little runner and eventually work out to be a great economical alternative to using my '96 Grand Cherokee 4x4 as a daily. Not that I don't love my Jeep, but it drinks dinosaur juice like we never left the Clinton era. LOL


Jokingly, I had asked you all in a previous post to tell my parents that I wanted the top cover boot for my birthday, but since I found an original off a '93 on eBay for a decent price, I went ahead and bought it. At 23 years old and only three years in production, the odds only keep getting slimmer that I'll find one of those again anytime soon, so for less than $300 shipped, worth it for originality's sake.

I eventually want the original wheels. But those should be a little easier to find since they were on more than just the convertible model. And besides, I'm sure with the current trend of big shiny aftermarket wheels, I should be able to find a nice set in a junkyard somewhere around here sometime in the future for pretty cheap. Oh, and I've now realized that it's missing the front mudguards too - there's another thing I need to poke around some pick-a-parts for.

After 15 years of driving the two Jeeps I've owned since I've been here, I'd forgotten what it was like to sit so low to the ground - oh, and the handling! WOW! It took some getting used to. But then, for a larf, I took the ZJ out for a drive last night. I felt like I was driving that tank from yesterday's NPoCP - loose, cumbersome, and even kinda scary! LOL

So yeah, there's the first week. And what a good week it was. Hopefully this old beater will continue being a good DD and get me well beyond graduation next year. Then, once I'm settled into a stable career and have a couple extra bucks to throw at it, do it the justice of a restorative repaint, and get this sexy little classic looking like it just rolled off the showroom floor.


Again, I thank you all for helping me make the decision to go ahead and get it. You guys are awesome! ;)

Be careful out there, and keep your shiny sides up!

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