Reviewing the Alfa Romeo Giulia most will actually buy (hopefully).

So I hadn’t seen a whole lot of the big or professional folks doing in depth reviews on the Alfa Romeo Giulia Base / TI, so here is my review.

It honestly creams (in terms of being a blast to drive, making me smile, and turning heads) everything other than maybe the new B9 Audi A4. It’s still more eye catching, but driving wise, there’s some unspoken similarity.

I say this beats most Germans, and even keeps up in many ways with the A4 with no bias (if anything, I feel I’d be biased against the Alfa, as I owned two recent 3 series, and currently own the new C & B9 A4).


Even with the Audi- they’re close. I say to cross shop both, because the B9 Audi is just that good. But for the extra style, and drama- would you guys chose the Alfa? Let me know.

I hope the Giulia sells well, it deserves to, and gives some much needed competition to the Germans/Japanese companies who all just sort of compete themselves.

The world needs more interesting cars and this definitely qualifies.

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