Another review purchase e-mail and a review item e-mail.

Seriously. I go on the internet,

find the item I want,

pay for the item,

tell them where to send it,

they confirm order and dispatch,

it arrives.

I did my bit, you did you bit. That’s that. I swear one day it’ll come to a point you’ll walk out a store and someone with a clipboard will ask, ‘how did you rate your purchasing experience today?’.

Case in point.

Bought some OEM rubber mats for a colleagues Ford B-Max.

Seriously, review a set of car rubber mats?

Sod the hell off. I’ve done the crap required of me on eBay for the purchase.

What’s to say about car rubber mats that people don’t already know, which is why they are looking for them.


Ruddy FEEFO, to review my purchase with Polished Bliss for five litres of a water based degreaser.

I want it, you sell it, I buy it, you send it, I receive it.