Just how many of these? did they make? I know some things about the cars (An Italian replacement for the Mini, using the same mechanical underpinnings, then later some sourced from Daihatsu - a lovely, and now pretty rare car that some people think should have been sold by British Leyland, rather than spending loads of money they didn’t have developing the Metro. There were even some quick versions developed by De Tomaso), however, I didn’t think that any were made in Right Hand Drive or made it anywhere near the UK. I know there are a few other BL enthusiasts here who may know more than me, but I can remember hearing that a tiny number of these (like, a single figure amount) were shipped over and converted for something, but I may be wrong on this. How rare is this car, and how come you see so few of them, outside of Italy, at least? 


Sadly though, this one probably isn’t worth saving in its current state....

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