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RHD XJ - decision made !

Yeah, nah.

I had a few more questions for the seller. And left my number. At 10AM this morning. I got a call a few minutes ago and the guy downplayed the Jeep. Asked if I was a mail carrier. Mentioned he wouldn’t fly out and drive it 1/2 across the country.


So, yeah. On paper and photos it seems alright, but the heater core being clogged and the radiator just replaced was a flag. He even mentioned it’s driven hard and beat on. He did most of the talking and at the end I thanked him for his honesty, appreciated his time, and good luck with the sale.

Plane tickets jumped from $88 to $220 and I was thinking of flying out with my wife so we could adventure together home. I think I’ll just keep that RHD dream tucked away in my back pocket and keep it for maybe a kei car.


Update to:


Thanks for people’s input, but in the end, I don’t think I’d want to buy a car a seller wouldn’t want to honestly sell me. It may have been fine, but I’ll never know. 

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