Garage-vary rep front lip on (though I screwed up the paint and will have to redo it), hardtop repainted metallic black two-stage, and a hardtop spoiler put on. I’m liking it. Finally my car looks subtly different from a bone-stock 02SE.

Gonna give the paint a few days to cure before I wetsand it and go get it all shiny looking.

The striping is mostly due to deposits of clear-coat ‘dust’, or dry specs of clear that fall onto the finish while I’m painting it and cause the white haze


Also got rid of my soft top to a friend in need.


I also modified a bolt as show to make a hard mount for the rear frankenstein latches.

Bolt on top, bolt without a head on bottom


Screwed down where the frankenstein bolts usually live

The two nuts put tension on each other through the latch catch. I could probably cut out metal plates with an actual hole in them and bolt them where these catches usually go for a more solid mount. I am slightly worried about the nuts backing off so I may get some blue loctite