Rice or Nice: Miata Mats

New mats from P2M sent to me for the @Boring.Cars Miata

I’ve wanted some fun mats for bit now. I was initially looking at going a custom route because I wanted to get something just ever so less plain black in the car (there’s a bit of red stitching in the seats so I was thinking of trying to tie that in somehow).


Then I found Phase 2 Motortrend and their longgggg list of checkered mats for an assortment of popular tuner cars (yeah, I said tuner like it’s 2002 and we’re rolling in to a NOPI show). So I reached out about doing a colab with Boring.Cars and P2M was about it. The mats came in yesterday and I’m pretty happy with them!

that is one dirty gas pedal, I know

The checkered pattern isn’t full on black and white, more grayish and black. I’m thinking long term this may look a bit better because it won’t be as blatantly apparent when they’re dirty. They feel to be made quite well; rubber with the old school pointy nibs on the back, correct fittings for the nipples in the floorboard, and proper OEM shape for a full fit in both footwells.

P2M sent me these mats to check out - they make loads more for tons of other cars too. These pics and info brought to you as part of the sponsorship by P2M

I was concerned they might be a bit too ricey, but frankly, I am really a fan. It fits the fun attitude of the Miata, but is a little more pulled back than a straight up checkered flag - which seems to jive well with the feel of the ND.


What do we say oppo, rice or nice?

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