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Ricer was Ricing

Okay Oppo I had my first encounter with a ricer making fun of me in the FoST today. I was driving home from work and saw a blue Honda Fit completely riced out. It had a carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber vinyl, fart can exhaust, fake tow hook, one of those little anime bears hanging down, stickers, lowered on gold wheels.

There was a two lane road we were on he hit a red light in the left lane and i was farther behind in the right lane, the light turned green so I accelerated to the 50mph speed limit. My muffler delete was obviously making my car much louder, at the next red I’m stopped now in the left lane. Ricer boy comes up next to me and starts me gay and a faggot, but not before revving and making the most terrible sound ever. He proceeded to make a right and fart down the road lol.


Very close looking Honda Fit:

Illustration for article titled Ricer was Ricing

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