Ricers: 1 Cops: 547,628

I won!!! I got pulled over recently for an illegal muffler and was given a fix it ticket (where you fix it within two weeks and the ticket goes bye bye). I only have an axle back exhaust, so stock resonator and cat. The car sounds nice and deep, not too loud by any means. I was very upset about this for multiple reasons:

1. Wisconsin is full of obscenely loud Harleys running straightpipes, Hondas with huge fart cannons, and trucks with dual exhausts. And they pull little ol me over?!


2. Buying this car has cleaned me out financially, and I cant afford either a ticket or to replace the exhaust.

3. I like my exhaust and would like to keep it.

So I tried to get it signed off on without doing a damn thing. I got the ticket in a suburb of Milwaukee, and he said I could get it checked and signed off on at any cop shop in the state. So I went to a seedy part of Milwaukee yesterday and the officer came out and took a look. Had me start it up and rev it (OH SHIT!) and said it sounds a little loud. I told him I had straight pipes and a fart cannon when I got pulled over so it is much quieter than it was. He said whatever and signed off on it. So I keep my exhaust and avoid a $130 ticket.

Gotta watch out for that original cop in my hometown though....

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