So by now I assume a lot of people have seen this, the new Sweptail, but the cool story is the other cars that this owner owns which includes one of those tailor made one-of-one Ferraris F12 TRS and one of the only 991 GT3 LMGTE RS LETTERS that ever left the factory. BUT THAT’S NOT THE COOL PART OF THIS STORY.


This is his GT3 road car that he converted to a Cup spec.

But yesterday, while I was looking at the Sotheby lots (That 911 RSR that sold for $2.1 Million.) But I came across the P1 GTR and I noticed that I said “1 of 58 P1 GTRs produced. 1 of 27 converted to road use.”

That’s right. Almost half of the world’s P1 GTRs have been converted to legal road use at what I assume is a LUDICROUS amount of money. Without a thought this is what I’m gonna do if I ever get obscenely rich. I’m gonna use all the monies to get road cars to convert them to their race car conterparts or get racecars and convert them to road use.

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