(Portland, OR) The Richmond County District Attorney's office has decided not to issue any recommendations following their investigation into the crash of United Airlines Flight 173. The DC-8 took off from John F. Kennedy International Airport, then ran out of fuel and crashed near the Portland International Airport, killing eight out of 181 passengers and two out of eight crewmembers.

The investigation received substantial attention after technical experts brought in by the DA's office concluded that the accident was caused by the crew's failure to notice the airplane running out of fuel while diagnosing a landing gear malfunction. Other experts not affiliated with the investigation have theorised that poor cockpit resource management lead the crew to focus solely on diagnosing the landing gear, ignoring the telltale signs of turbines gasping for fuel.

But in their statement, the DA's office cited the crew's many years with the company and thousands of flight hours, and said the public shouldn't second-guess the actions of such experienced personnel in stressful and not-fully-understood circumstances.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons