Taken from myself in the comment section of this article

Ferrari (Rick): ā€œ*Burp* Go ahead Sergio! Kill Me, then I wonā€™t have to see your face anymore!ā€

Sergio (Morty): You know I canā€™t do that, between you and Dodge, this is the only way Iā€™m making money

Ferrari (Rick): ā€œDont you think I *Burp* f*cking know that. I know everything, you dumb*ss fiat owner, youā€™re stupid and im ā€˜McLaren times 10' smartā€

Sergio (Morty): Oh geez, Termina la mia sofferenza e uccidi adesso, odio questo stronzo.


Ferrari (Rick): Im f*cking ferrari, Im more italian than *burp* f*cking mario and you think you can sit here and insult me in italian? Shut yourself up and go suck your own d*ck before I stick you on the roof of the FXX-K.