Let’s C3 Corvette! We have another four hours of live-replay Corvette building from Ridetech! Includes a very in-depth interview with Mr. Lingenfelter himself, a master class in building brake lines, and a bunch of other great stuff (it’s four hours!).

If you are unfamiliar with this series, it is about a 1972 Corvette that gets built in 48 hours. Not just a small build but an LS swap and a Ridetech stage 3 suspension, Baer brakes, Vintage Air, even a full Classic Instruments gauge setup. Not like on TV where they cut out all the real work. There are no cuts here. You can catch up if you have not seen the other three parts or just jump right in above.


My own Ridetech stage 2 equipped C3 is nearing completion but it took a year (I did a lot of other stuff tho and didn’t have 65 people or the factory works mechanics).