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Ridgeline Trailhawk

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I just realized that the 2020 Ridgeline gets the ZF9hp like the passport and pilot. I know some people hate this transmission but it has a big advantage over the old 6 speed.


The old 6 speed had a 3.59:1 1st and a 4.250:1 final drive for a 1st gear ratio of 14.275:1 which isn’t great for a truck without a low range.

The new 9 speed has a first of 4.731:1 and a final of 4.33:1 for a 20.4:1 first. About what you get on the Renegade trailhawk. It’s also almost exactly what I would get in low range 2nd gear locked in my GX, which is usually more than enough gearing. Granted the gx has a v8 with way more low end torque but still. 20.4:1 is really good for a single speed system. its actually better than my cruisers 2nd gear low range even with 4.56 gears. again, the cruiser has way more torque between 1000-3000 rpm than the honda, but still.


Bigger tires, a small lift, basic skids (and abundant transmission and RDM cooling) would make this a great light duty touring machine.

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