I’ve mentioned before, how I long for a Ram to pull the 3 wheeled step child around from car event to car event and mechanic to mechanic. I’ve driven every competing truck in the 1/2 ton and midsize segment and the Ram is my heart’s keeper. The Limited has every option I’d spec out on a luxury car.


-Pros-Full of options, reclining rear seats

Cons-FCA quality assurance problems, MPGs, very expensive (55-65 new, 45-55 used)


In the midsize realm, the Ridgeline handily beat the others in how I will actually use it and how much more comfortable it is for daily duties. It will also tow the 3000lb fully loaded 7x12 trailer braked trailer fine enough, sure will the engine struggle yeah but there is enough proof on the forums to convince me it’ll be fine. However there are some qualms with it.

-Pros- Comfortable as a daily, Inexpensive comparatively, reliable

-Cons- Adaptive Cruise Control doesn’t do stop and go traffic, not as heavily optioned


I want the Ram, but the Ridgeline fits my needs. I’m going to wait until the ‘20s come out for the updated infotainment screen, but I’ll always be disappointed about the cruise control.

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