Let me play you a little song.. ahem... “AINT NEVER GONNA HAPPEN AINT NEVER GUNNA HAPPEN...” Now hear the bass drop for what happens when a 1967 Suburban and a 1996 Dodge Cummins meet with a mad scientist.


Appearances are deceiving.

The owner of this 1967 Suburban took a 1996 Dodge 3/4 ton Cummins and hashed them together. How much say you for this truck that has been “done right”? Only a mere $36,000.

I wonder if the dash is cracked? Like all Dodges?!


A body in primer, used engine with 150k miles, but per the seller it will “last forever”. They’re a bit more optimistic than I am. It does have a five speed manual which is ingredients for a HOLY GRAIL build. I can’t however feel sad that the truck that was donated for the build (Dodge) would be more fun to own than a Burb-doge.

What say you Oppos?! Should we pool some money together, look in the sofa and under the rug for the cash to buy this thing?! Or meh, and walk away?