We NEED a name for these type of truck builds. The type where an older truck is heavily modified with modern components including the drive train. I am seeing more and more of these everyday. It is becoming a fad we cannot escape. I frankly enjoy these builds. I think it is pro-touring-esque to take an old truck and make it modern. We just need a name for these type of trucks... I figured out the perfect name for the style!

I don’t see a lot of old Ford four-doors. I love this style. I want to build one myself we shall call it a _______ (see below).
Photo: Craigslist

We can’t call this type of truck a restomod or a pro-touring build. Both words partially describe this type of build, but not to a proper extent.

Restomod - describes a vehicle that has been both restored and modified. The restored part is much greater than the modified. You’ll have a stock appearing vehicle with modifications such as modern entertainment, over drive transmissions, upgraded suspension bushings, and reliability modifications. Essentially a classic appearing car with all the modern convenience and reliability you’d want. I.E. ‘69 Camaro with an over drive transmission, four wheel discs, polyurethane bushings, a nice stereo, and maybe fuel injection.

Clean application. Not a fan of the chrome bezel or the badge. But Cummins and manual = Awesome.
Photo: Craigslist

Pro-touring (or Pro Touring) - takes it up a notch. You do very similar things as a restomod but to the 9th degree. A pro-touring build is mean to meet or surpass the performance standards of the day. The classic lines can be cut, chopped, and tubbed. The suspensions are tossed in favor of the best modern coil overs, links, and differentials. The engines are often replaced with the greatest and latest from the newest sports cars. I.E. 70' Cuda with a Viper engine/transmission, coil overs, and custom body work.


Anything with a Cummins gets me interested. This one needs a nicer exhaust manifold though.
Photo: Craigslist

So, if we have a classic truck with a modern drive train; what do we call it? It isn’t quite a Restomod. These trucks are typically heavily modified in the suspension department and body work. They don’t retain the classic look. They always have a jacked up and ‘roided out look to them. None I’ve seen have stock skinny tires shoved into the fenders like a lot of the original suspensions.

Even though the center console appears set there, I think it looks fairly consistent with everything else.
Photo: Craigslist


It also isn’t quite a Pro-Touring build. I do think this term is a closer description to the style, but do you really go ‘Touring’ in one of these? And I also know what you’re thinking, there is a lot of overlap in these terms. I agree. We’ve got to draw the lines somewhere. We need to draw a line for these type of truck builds. I don’t think either term is the proper one to use. We need to use a new word for them.

I’ve got it!

All the Pro from Pro-Touring but with the Roader from Off-Roader. Perfect.

I christen this style:


It’s a perfect description of the style. Pro-Roader. All the Pro elements from Pro-Touring are required but with the off road attitude and style from an Off-Roader.


One can say, “I’m doing a Pro-Roader build.” Doesn’t that sound like something that makes complete sense?

My finest creation. Spread the word. There is a new term for these proliferating truck builds! Proooooooo-Roooooooader!

This Pro-Roader can be yours for a measly amount of $65,000... wait what?!