Welcome to Ridiculous Rebadges, a series of articles in which I go through and examine the details and circumstances surrounding some of the more infamous and some of the more esoteric vehicular rebadges throughout automotive history.

If you’ve noticed, I have unfortunately skipped Ridiculous Rebadges the past two weeks due to school, holidays, and illness. Still, here we are again with yet another rebadge from Australia! After the Toyota GM UAAI and the Holden Suburban, this rebadge comes from the other primary Australian manufacturer: Ford Australia. In the 60’s and 70’s, the Cortina served as the bread and butter car in the Ford line up, filling the space as a family saloon. However, by 1979 Ford acquired a 7% stake in Mazda and, feeling lazy, decided to replace the Cortina with its former competitor, the Mazda 626. In 1982, the GC Mazda 626/Capella and the First Generation Ford Telstar made their entrance onto the Asian and Oceanic market, particularly Australia. For the next nearly twenty years the Telstar, named after the communications satellite, soldiered on until replaced in 1996 by the Mk II Mondeo, and the Telstar II only was sold in Japan from then on. Interestingly enough, the Telstar experienced internal competition from the Corsair in 1989, itself a rebadged Nissan Pintara. However, this plan was dropped when the Pintara halted production in 1992. More will become clear next week as we learn about the exciting Button car plan! Confused yet?

3rd gen (GC) Mazda 626/Capella


1st gen (AR/AS) Ford Telstar

4th gen (GD/GV) Mazda 626/Capella


2nd gen (AT/AV) Ford Telstar

5th gen (GE) Mazda 626/Capella


3rd gen (AX/AY) Ford Telstar

6th gen (CG) Mazda 626/Capella (Japan only)


4th gen Ford Telstar II (Japan only)

7th gen (GF/GW) Mazda 626/Capella


5th gen Ford Telstar II (Japan only)

All images courtesy of Wikipedia.

Source: Many Wikipedia articles.