"Top 12 cars under $15,000 that will make you look rich" by Mens Magazine. Translation: "Insecure AND poor? Buy one of these!" First off, their suggestions are ridiculous. Ford Fiesta? Mitsubishi Lancer? Ford Focus? Kia Soul? I don't think anyone's ever seen someone drive past in a Ford Fiesta and thought, "Man that guy must be loaded!"

Also, so much of the "information" is just flat-out wrong. Like this little bit about the Infiniti G35:

"Only produced until 2007, Infiniti G35′s are going to be hard to find on the market today. If you find one of these great cars at a reasonable price, grab it. This is a stylish car, but it just didn't have the staying power of some of Infinity's other models. The Infiniti G35 isn't being made anymore, because car buyers just weren't interested."

First off, they misspelled Infiniti on the second try. Second, the G35 was a hugely popular model for Infiniti, and they're everywhere. Third, it was produced until 2009 as the G35 (not 2007, as the article states), and then continued as the G37 through 2013. I just...I just can't begin to go into everything that's wrong with this story.