Rifle scope

Learn me on how scopes work. We know a scope usually has 4 controls. Zoom, elevation, windage, and paralax.

Zoom is finite. You can zoom in or out to a certain level.

Paralax is also finite. Adjust it till you don’t see the edge of the scope in the sight.


How do adjustments for windage and elevation work? Obviously there has to be some limitation. Cant spin it left and right or up and down infinitely.

Is there anything in there that may break? Like an over wound spring or something?

Or is it close enough to target and few adjustments are enough? I was farting around a while back at the range and twisting those knobs to see if I can see the difference on the target... nothing. I am just starting out so don’t go crazy with name calling. Yes. I have watched youtube videos. but they are all like - go to a 100 yard range.. We dont have that here. 25 and 50 is all we can muster on a good day.

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