So they emailed me back and apologized for the delays. In the reply they basically said they have had massive shipping issues this year in regards to strikes and other things and I should for sure get it in November and added this:

“For all of our clients who are in the same boat as you we will be offering some free parts and added value items to ensure that at the end of your experience, you’ll be happy with your purchase.

Is there anything I can start the parts team on now to get you some things? Any aftermarket parts, or OEM restoration parts?”

I don’t know what to have them look for really. RX7 RS BBS wheels? 99+ turbos? Maybe I could get some Skyline parts?

Anyone have any suggestions? I’m guessing on an expensive item I will get a discount instead of a free part but hey if there is some must have for RX7s I might just do it.