Right Hand Drive

Is really easy to drive. And I got to find this out by being lucky enough to be given a chance to drive a TVR Chimera. Yes I am writing this from the grave. But seriously it was surprisingly intuitive even with still driving on the right side of the road it was easy to handle and shifting with your left hand instead of right felt just as natural.

*reshared for weekday Oppo

TVR Chimera
Pub 2 Pub

How did I get to have such an amazing experience? Well a plucky group of friends from England are doing quite the road trip. They started off driving the TVR from England to the northernmost pub in Norway, then shipped the car to the US where they have been wildly racking up the miles making their way across to California before they head south through Mexico and into South America where they will go to the Southern most pub. Surprisingly and luckily the only issues they have had are a broken headlamp cover and a bad rear shock (knock on wood) which they are getting fixed before traveling onto Mexico.

Just a little dirty
This car has been places

The real issue is the Dodge Charger they bought in New Jersey as a chase vehicle and a people carrier, since all 5 of them don’t fit in the TVR, has been having TCM (Transmission Control Module) issues. Thankfully we all met up at TFRITCH’s shop and he helped them diag the issue so they can take it to a proper shop this weekend.

Stolen from their FB, the TVR with their chase Charger and the SR-71 (Oppo’s favorite plane)

Ground speed check anyone?

Beautiful cream and green interior (yes that is carpet on the door panels)
Even the gauges glow green

It was fun finding how to get into the car and then finding the way out was interesting, but they said I was the fastest to find it yet. The window switches are in a weird place, the ashtrays make little sense, the climate control dials are hilarious, and the knobs are all real metal. So in the spirit of friendship after all the complaints of driving through Death Valley and how hot the controls got in the sun I gave them my set of leather driving gloves to get them through passing the equator.

Oh the amount of bugs I can’t even imagine.
Just looks so good dirty and driven

If you want to follow Ben and his friends transverse the americas you can follow their instagram and facebook page and Drive Tribe. Here is the BBC news clip about their expedition.

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