Right, musings.

1. Simply imagine that Viper with P Zero Trofeo-R tires. Three seconds on tires alone is stretching it, admittedly, but it’s not impossible.

2. The 7th, 8th and 9th overall are tiermates, and the laps are righteous. That said, the Huayra BC will eat that Vader and will breathe down the ACR’s neck, if not blitz past it.


3. The 458 Speciale was released in 2013. Within three years, the two tiers (super-sport and super-exotic) have made a total of three seconds off the 458's lap. This is remarkable, considering how big a yardstick that 458 was back in ‘13/’14.

4. That the 675LT wouldn’t be able to shake off a 991 GT3RS is more of a testament to how far Porsche can push the N/A platform. And being just 0.8s off the ACR says a lot. The new GT2RS should be able to make the ground, if not surpass it.

5. The AMG-GT R (God I hate how that name goes, just call it an SLC AMG R, please), New Ford GT, Huracan Superleggera and F12tdf will have some big hurdles to clear in their respective tiers.

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