People do not know how to be a good passenger. I wonder many accidents have been caused by passengers. Here is a list of things passengers do in my vehicles that drive me nuts.

-Completely obstruct the right window, yet not volunteer if it is clear to pull out. Even after seeing me lean forward in a futile attempt to see around your ginormous fat head. Considering you’re the one more likely to be injured or killed when I blindly pull out to make that left turn, you’d think you’d mention that dump truck bearing down at us at 80 mph.


-blocking the right side mirror. My wife is especially fond of using her cell phone at night and holding it right in line with the mirror, so when I glance over, my eyes focus on the screen and not the mirror.

-sitting in the middle of the back seat when you are the only one in the back. Yes, i understand it’s hard enough to be part of the conversation when you’re in the back, but when you sit right in the middle, i can’t see out the rear window. The back headrests and the huge C-pillars block my vision enough already.


-Adjusting the climate control without asking. It is harder to concentrate on driving when I’m light headed and sweating. If you’re cold, bring a sweater.

-Asking me to look at things on the side of the road. When we’re next to them. Or past them. Really?


-not navigating/navigating poorly. If you’re not driving, and you’re driving in an unfamiliar area, it’s your responsibility to aid the driver. You should be watching for street signs and landmarks. The driver should be watching traffic. Also, if you’re reading directions from a list, give me the next turn, and maybe the one right after it if it’s close. please don’t give me the whole list at once. i will not remember it.

-not checking traffic during a merge. You will be able to see traffic on the highway long before I will as we come up the on ramp. I don’t really think it’s a good idea for me to drive looking over my shoulder, so maybe you could give a quick glance and see if there’s room to merge or if I need to adjust my speed. This is especially useful in states that have short/no acceleration lanes. I’m looking at you, Pennsylvania.


-Not helping at drive thru windows. I cannot drive and hold two sodas and a bag of food. could you maybe take it as I pass it to you? Also, when we’re back on the road, why are you just sitting there? Yes, if i’m getting fast food on a road trip, I will only order one-hand friendly food, i.e. small burgers, fries, sodas with straws instead of bottles, etc. No tacos, no chicken nuggets, no giant burgers dripping with sauces and toppings. But it would still be helpful if you got it out of the bag, opened the wrapper, or put the straw in my drink. Unless you like watching me drive with my knees at 75 mph.

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