Right, so here's the thing.

I love Blur, a lot. I’ve seen them live multiple times. I bought tickets to see them at Coachella, before I realized that there is nothing I would like less than to go to Coachella, so I wasted $300 bucks. I bought two tickets to their last MSG show, because I was able to get better tickets the second time. That show cost me a good $300 as well. Blur is my favorite band.

Song 2 is a good song. That’s painful to admit, because it hurts when you love a band so much and it’s know for one thing. WHAT ABOUT THE GUITAR SOLO IN COFFEE + TV THAT IS THE BEST GUITAR SOLO OF ALL TIME YOU ASK WHEN SOMEONE MENTIONS SONG 2.


In 2015(?) Blur released their last album, which was recorded in Hong Kong and mostly about Hong Kong. When they released the first single from that album, I had just landed in Hong Kong. Literally, I got to my hotel and loaded my email and it was there in an announcement. I walked around Kowloon fucked out of my mind, listening to that single on repeat. It was a special moment.

My point is, I like this band, and lots of people only know that song, but I confess it’s a GOOD. SONG.

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