Right, that's it you crazy canucks.

I’ve been watching Corner Gas for a week and currently near the end of season five.

I can take the fact they say math, instead of maths.

I can take the continuity errors such as the airline assistant in one episode on the other side of the country from Dog River, Saskatchewan turning up in another episode as a local.


or where Lacey’s college friend drives a silver Ford Focus (Season 3, episode 14, A Friend Of A Friend), yet the same car is used again later in the season for filling material at the petrol station.

But come the f*** on. Season five, episode 13. ‘Outside The Box’.

At the end of the episode it cuts away to ‘Sheep Creek, Scotland’.

Take a look.

Ye’, notice anything, other than the signs are very central and eastern European, the cars seem eastern European, the fact that they drive on the ruddy right for f***s sake. Oh ye’, and that store ‘Romstal’, isn’t even British but Romanian.

Jesus christ.

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