Some felt that they could prevent themselves from using electronic devices. They thought that they could go without the new toys. They held out for a while, as revelations like Snowden’s accentuated their opinion. But what they didn’t realize was that they were unconsciously being sucked into the ecosystem. This newfound addiction to technology was the start of the downfall of the human race. Soon, they were at the mercy of the machines. Every new creation was just one step closer to extinction. But the humans remained indifferent; they were merely self-absorbed in their new appliances.

The progress abruptly fell into a quick downward spiral. The tech giants just couldn’t deliver anymore. Humans grew annoyed when the advancements stopped coming. Every “new” product was a lazy, generic repurposing of a same old gadget. With this abrupt developmental halt, the machines felt it the perfect time to attack. They knew that it was the end of their creators’ reign. It was natural, they thought. It was the way things were supposed to go.

The earlier, less powerful devices would start hijacking the humans’ internet identities. They placed derogatory comments on behalf of their host, attacking others and arousing conflict. Humans, searching for an ever-present scapegoat, started condemning each other. They soon started ruthlessly clawing at each other, all due to the whim of devices that turned from frivolity to necessity.

That simple attack was already scathing enough. But it was just the beginning of the onslaught of the machines. Autonomous cars started coordinating to crash into each other, in a kamikaze style, destroying not only themselves, but also their occupants inside. Whereas, in the past, the humans would be quick to blame the machines’ morality, their own civil war caused satisfaction from the death of their enemies.


This dark bloodlust prompted the important machines, those that were integral to the survival of the humans, to start stirring up some trouble. The humans were still mystified, now stuck in that middle void between befuddlement and clarity. But, in this state of confusion, they found nothing else to do besides continuing to argue with each other.

The final, well-coordinated attack from the machines would be the blast.

For a split-second, you could hear the explosion. Immediately after, there was an eerie, deafening silence. The sky had turned black. The puffy, dark clouds pushed ahead, obscuring the sun until there was just darkness, a depressing, gray darkness. The shuttered businesses and the remains of once great skyscrapers were finally obliterated. Before, New York City was the only location of refuge for the remaining men and women. Now, it was littered with just their ashes. Besides that, the multiple human prisons, where the bloodthirsty machines were punishing their own creators, were now full of man’s remains.


The machines knew that it was their turn to rule the Earth.