At least RIP at Classic BMW in Plano, TX. A place Cars and Coffee Dallas called home for 9 years. A place where I filmed at for practically 4 years straight. It went out with a bang, but all the hypercars did not make it in my video. The ones I haven’t shot were already gone (the Senna, Veyron and Pagani Huayra). The Chiron was there, but since I have shot that one on multiple occasions I decided to not include it. I did get one slider shot of the Huayra at another car show I still need to edit, and the Veyron was there as well.

Someone called me out on it. For me it’s simple. I start at the back of the lot and then make my way forward. I am there for the regular stuff first and super / hypercars second. It is the way I have always done it. Yeah, not the smartest thing if you want to clickbait your video with scrumptious hypercar goodness but what can I say? I am not the typical Car Tuber.

My favorite was The 1968 Mustang that was there, serious weak spot for those. If you went (or watched my video), what was your favorite?