RIP Craftsman Ratchet 2012-2018

Another one bites the dust...

Internal gear failure on my main 3/8". This was a Chinese replacement for a made-in-USA ratchet that succumbed to a broken switch. That one had lasted 2002-2012, but this one only made it about half as long.


I don’t have any pics of the old made-in-USA one, but I seem to recall it being slightly shorter in length than ratchet #2. Not by much, less than an inch if memory serves. They shared the same product number, though: 44811.

We’ll see how ratchet #3 fares. Sears didn’t have an exact match, so they gave me a 44808. It’s even longer than ratchet #2, by about an inch or so. More leverage, more better!

...I hope.

Yeah, I’m not as much of a Craftsman fanboy as I used to be. But free is free, and despite the extra length, it still fits in the same molded drawer (part of a whole set) that its predecessors sat in.


Oh, and while I was there, I took a pic of their returns box. The associate said that this is 4 days worth of Craftsman trade-ins.

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